Affiliate Program Website Password Sharing Policy

At THOR Kitchen, we appreciate the collaboration of our affiliates and strive to maintain a secure and effective affiliate program. This policy outlines the guidelines for sharing the website password and the consequences associated with public sharing.

1. Password Confidentiality:

1.1. Affiliates are provided with a unique website password via email, which is crucial for accessing our password-protected website.

1.2. Affiliates must maintain the strict confidentiality of their assigned website password and share it only with referral customers privately and discreetly.

2. Prohibition on Public Sharing:

2.1. It is strictly prohibited for affiliates to share the website password publicly or through any public platforms, including but not limited to social media, forums, websites, and public communication channels.

2.2. The website password is intended solely for private communication between the affiliate and their referred customers.

3. Consequences of Violation:

3.1. Account Termination: Any affiliate found in violation of this policy by sharing the website password publicly may face immediate termination of their affiliate account. This includes the forfeiture of any pending commissions.

4. Reporting Violations:

4.1. We encourage affiliates to promptly report any instances of website password sharing that they come across within the affiliate community. Reporting such violations helps us maintain a secure and confidential environment for all participants.

4.2. To report a violation, please contact our affiliate program support team at

5. Password Recovery:

5.1. If an affiliate suspects that the password has been compromised, they should immediately contact our support team to initiate a password change process.

6. Agreement Acknowledgment:

By participating in our affiliate program, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this Password Sharing Policy. You understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of the website password and the consequences of violating this policy.

We appreciate your dedication to the THOR Kitchen affiliate program and your cooperation in ensuring a secure and confidential environment for all affiliates.

This policy is subject to change, and any updates will be communicated to affiliates accordingly.

Thank you for being a valued member of our affiliate community.

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